Monthly Decadian Wealth Reports

Keep track with what is happening in the market
Decadian’s Monthly Wealth Reports are filled with detailed information about what is occurring in the market, from ground level. These monthly reports, and more often if necessary, not only hold Decadian’s investment recommendations, they also break down every commodity we track. These Wealth Reports you will find posted to the Membership Dashboard upon login.

Performance Guarantees

With years of experience, you are assured your investment will not be subject to any unwarranted risk with Decadian.
As a Member of Decadian, you are here to generate profits from your investments. Decadian expects you to earn a great return when you follow our investment recommendations. And until you do, Decadian has structured a guarantee that works to eliminate ANY ADDITIONAL MEMBERSHIP FEES until such time as our investment recommendations have delivered you profitable advice. These two performance guarantees can be found in your Membership Agreement.

Real Time Investment Recommendations

Generating a profit on your investment in Decadian.
With Decadian, your #1 benefit is receiving those always exciting, investment recommendations. This is where you become directly involved, having even more reasons to get to “My Decadian” to follow your investments, and maybe even take the time to read the articles Decadian posts specific to your investment. You can get even more involved by joining us and other Decadians in our live webinars where we will discuss in depth those investments in cue, future investment opportunities and respond to questions you may have.

Target Zone Charts for Your Specific Investment

What truly sets Decadian apart from the crowd!
Experience has taught us that visual representations of Decadian’s price objectives are the key in helping investors achieve the returns they seek. Decadian’s Target Zone Charts distill our research and detailed analysis into projections of the upper and lower third of price over a specific time frame represented in simple charts. Simple is always best!

Decadian's MMIC

Eliminating the confusion and emotion.
Within the field of high leveraged investments, proper money management is the only way to achieve success with your investments. Decadian’s MMIC (Money Management Investment Calculator) allows you to understand what each investment’s financial requirements are and whether or not your account is of sufficient size to take on the investment recommendation offered.

Access to Commodity, Derivative, and Option Quotes

Don’t call your broker for quotes. You have access, through Decadian.
Members need price quotes for commodity and derivatives so they can track their investments. Access to these are provided to our Members, both on the Decadian web site, as well as on our soon-to-arrive, mobile app. Streaming quotes from the CBOT could cost individuals well over $3,000.00/ year. Members are provided access to these quotes for free as part of their Membership Benefits

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Revelations – Decadian’s New Bi-Monthly Newsletter

A world look at the core issues in our international markets.
The world is littered with any and all news about anything and everything you could ever desire. What sets Decadian apart is our ability to sift through and remove all the irrelevancies and market chatter that truly impacts your investments. Revelations provides an extremely condensed and concise analysis that hits on only the core drivers that are or will soon be impacting your financial future, directly and indirectly.

Historical Charts with Technical Analysis

A picture paints a thousand words.
Visuals are so enlightening. Decadian knows you can read what we write, but you might not understand. We know we can deliver information via an audio recording, and you still might not fully understand our thoughts and comments. But when you add visuals along with an audio, it all makes sense. The light bulb goes off and you have that “Ah ha” moment. In everything Decadian seeks to do, we still look to deliver you one Ah ha moment after another. Turning your focus to your ability to achieve Financial Freedom will be the greatest Ah ha moment we could ever deliver to you!

Informational Investment Reports

Drilling into the details on Decadian’s investment recommendations.
Within Decadian’s Investment Reports, we drill down to discover and then detail, the drivers behind a specific commodity’s current price action; as well as its most likely future, price direction. This will be real time and future price analysis, based in market specific factors and their trends; all of which drives price. This research and supportive analysis is necessary to provide you the meat you demand, without all the fat.

Access to Decadian's Live Investment Account

What is Decadian currently invested in and how is that investment performing?
Our Live Investment Account is just that; it’s live! It’s a scorecard for the Decadian Methodology, updated monthly, with the actual financial performance of each and every investment recommendation that is texted to our Members. Unlike many investment firms, Decadian provides real time investment results for your tracking purposes.

Q&A Wealth Report Webinars

A great opportunity to have your questions answered directly!
No matter what investment you are in, you will always have questions. What better way to get them answered than on a live webinar! Decadian is moving many of its benefits to a more visual approach, giving a much more personal touch to what it offers. As a Member, we will always look forward to responding to your questions as we work to help you grow your personal wealth!

Live Quarterly Investment Review with Q&A Session

What went on and what’s to come.
Every quarter, the Decadian team will host a Live Q&A review of our investment recommendations. It will be a time for questions and answers about the investments in play, as well as those upcoming investments that have our attention. All new Q&A’s from this session will be added to our archives.