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  • 1. What if I do not have a broker?

    Decadian does provide a partial list of brokers. You can also use the internet to find a broker closer to you. We suggest that you interview several prospective brokers. You need to trust your broker. You need to make sure he/she understands what you want to do and that you are not seeking his/her advice or council! Also, your broker needs to be able to understand the orders you will be placing.

  • 2. Can I become a Decadian Member and have a commodity broker make Decadian’s recommended trades on my behalf?

    Yes, just call your broker and provide him with the instructions that Decadian sends to you via text messaging. Just remember that your Membership Agreement does not allow you to share any information Decadian provides you with any other third parties, except the trade information, and that information can only be provided to a broker for your personal account.

  • 3. Can Decadian send its text alerts to both me and my broker?

    At this time, no. The information needs to go directly to you first. Then you need to decide if or how you want to utilize the information we provide you.

  • 1. What experience does Decadian have in the commodity markets?

    Decadian’s principals have decades of experience in the agricultural sector, as well as in other commodities. One of Decadian’s market analysts owns and operates a very successful agriculture advisory service, which assists grain and livestock producers in the marketing of their grain and livestock. The principals of Decadian draw on their wealth of knowledge, experience, personal resources and daily market analysis to secure the data necessary to formulate the trading recommendations which is then provided to Decadian’s Members.

  • 2. Does Decadian have a track record of success in making market recommendations?

    Yes. Decadian’s principals have been making marketing recommendations and marketing decisions for decades. Decadian is a company which is just an expansion of the base concepts of its sister company, Ag Masters. The wealth of knowledge, experience, resources, market research and data accumulation currently utilized by Decadian’s principals in other commodity sectors will be put to good use in helping Members of Decadian in reaching their wealth building goals. Decadian encourages everyone to review the track record of Decadian’s principals by clicking the “Historical Review” tab on the Decadian website.

  • 3. Why should I subscribe to Decadian’s services instead of using another advisory service or a CTA?

    Many advisory services earn their profits by how often they get you in and out of trades. These are called commissions. If you have been involved in stocks, you may have experienced the same trading action. The more trades they make on your behalf, the more money they make for themselves off your money, and the more risk you incur from them being wrong. Please review how Morgan Stanley helped their Clients out of their profits!

  • 4. Why can’t I do this on my own? There is a tremendous amount of information available online that I can use to make my own decisions.

    If you had time to learn and apply the knowledge that these advisors possess, you may be able to generate the same type of returns on your own. However, few persons have the time to become educated in commodities. Even if you had the time, who is going to teach you what you need to know? Many of the so-called experts, have never walked a corn field, much less tried to determine when to sell the 10,000 bushel of corn stored in a grain bin. Decadian has hands on experience. Decadian knows what you need to know. Decadian offers you this knowledge through Decadian University. Decadian studies the markets daily and searches for the best opportunities that have the least amount of risk. It is always your choice of how you want to learn as well as how you choose to invest your dollars. Decadian just believes, of all the choices you do have, we are the best choice!

  • 1. How can I become a Decadian subscriber?

    Just click on the “Subscriber Now” tab in the upper right of our home page to purchase your annual Membership to Decadian’s Premium Plus package for just $4950.00. Within a few short days, you will have access to our most recent issue of our monthly Wealth Builder Newsletter. In these “Wealth Reports”, Decadian reviews all markets, including those in which we have made recommendations and those markets we are watching for future possibilities. Decadian will also immediately put you in queue for receiving Decadian’s investment text alerts. Those seeking to review Decadian’s past “Wealth Reports”, as well as our past text alerts, will find them posted on our web site (

  • 2. Will non-Subscribers be able to view recent issues of the “Decadian Wealth Report“?

    Decadian’s “Wealth Reports”, ones which hold current recommendations, will only be available to Executive level Subscribers.

  • 3. Why should I subscribe to Decadian’s services instead of using another advisory service or a CTA?

    Many advisory services earn their profits by how often they get you in and out of trades. These are called commissions. If you have been involved in stocks, you may have experienced the same trading action. The more trades they make on your behalf, the more money they make for themselves off your money, and the more risk you incur from them being wrong. Please review how Morgan Stanley helped their Clients out of their profits!

  • 4. Do you have a minimum you believe a Member should begin with in his account?

    Yes we do. We recommend a minimum of $10,000.00. Along this same line of thinking, one of our investment rules for commodities, because of leveraged capital, initial margin requirements and potential drawdown on capital, one should use no more than 30% of his available capital for one’s initial margin requirement. The balance in the account would be available for potential drawdown.

  • 5. Can I really anticipate generating a 100% return on my invested funds each year?

    Generating a 100% annual return is not a pipe dream. Investors can and do generate returns of this magnitude, because they know where to go and what to do. Decadian works to provide you with these same opportunities.

  • 6. Do you have any facts that demonstrate that persons can generate a 100% return on their invested funds each year?

    Yes, Commodity Trading Advisors, persons who manage commodity accounts for a fee, can generate outstanding annual returns. As of August 2011, the top five Commodity Trading Advisors who had over $10 million under management generated monthly returns from 16.45% to 21.45%. The top five Commodity Trading Advisors who had less than $10 million under management generated monthly returns from 15.71 to 25.70%. These returns were generated by those who know and understand commodities. (See Futures Magazine).

  • 7. What are stops?

    Stops are market orders which can do one of three (3) things. They can be used to enter into a position. They can be used to take profits on a position. They are also used to limit the risk of the market moving against one’s position, either on the up side or to the down side. For further information about stops, or commodities in general, you can go to to learn more, or contact your broker.

  • 8. How can Decadian afford to offer a guarantee?

    For the same reasons. We know what we have done. We know what we can do. Our formula is refined and simplified. The Decadian Method works. We have had several comments on the Decadian Method, comparing it to a billionaire who used a similar methodology to achieve his success. Their opinion was that the Decadian Method is pure simplicity. He wanted to know why he didn’t think of it!

  • 9. Can anyone use Decadian’s advice to achieve their wealth building goals?

    Yes, anyone at least 18 years of age can become a Member to Decadian and benefit from Decadian’s wealth building strategies.

  • 1. As a Decadian subscriber, how many investment opportunities will I receive each year?

    Decadian wants to keep everything as simple as possible. Decadian looks to text to you from one (1) to four (4) investment opportunities per year. If more opportunities present themselves, you will receive this information via text. When an investment opportunity is texted to you, you will continue to receive supporting texts for each trade. Those texts will include (i) the entry point for the trade, (ii) a price point to place a stop in order to limit risk; (iii) management points if stop loss orders need to be adjusted; (iv) an exit point for the investment. You will always make the decision whether or not to execute any investment recommendation Decadian extends. Decadian does the research work. You do the execution of the information.

  • 2. How long will it be before we would receive our first investment recommendation from Decadian?

    It’s not possible to answer that question. A market must meet specific requirements to earn Decadian’s 3 star rating; to deserve being a recommendation -for you. If Decadian lowers our standards just to increase the number of recommendations we make, risk increases to you. That is totally unacceptable to Decadian. There is absolutely no justifiable reason for us to lower our standards. Doing it right pays tremendous benefits. Once you see the results you earn from Decadian doing it right, you will accept nothing less, from us.

  • 3. How many 3 rated trades will I receive each year?

    Decadian goal will have you receiving, on the average, at least one 3 star rated trade each year.

  • 4. If I execute one 3 star rated trade each year, what else would I need to do?

    If you are asking yourself this question, then you are beginning to understand Decadian’s philosophy. You only need that one good investment, per year, to be extremely successful. You also understand that you do not need to be in the market very often. You only need to be in the right market, at the right time, for the right reasons. Decadian is here to help you secure that right investment, every year.

  • 5. Why would you not put a stop on a 3 rated trade?

    A 3 star rated trade is one which Decadian believes offers the least risk with the highest likelihood of profitability. In such a case, you do not want to be taken out of the market at the very beginning of a long term move with a stop. Therefore, a stop would not be placed immediately after entry into a market, but would be placed once the market cleared our first resistant point. Decadian’s goal is that a 3 star rated trade should have the potential to return from 200% to 1000% on initial margin.

  • 6. Will each of the 25 markets offer one to two trading opportunities per year?

    Some markets may offer one to two “trading” opportunities per year and some will not. Each one of these markets will move higher or lower (cycle) for reasons specific to that commodity, though at times; commodities of a like nature will hold a shared commonality. Consider grains, specifically, or those commodities whose production depends on weather. Of these 18 or so commodities, within any one year time frame, one or more of these commodities will move to a seasonal low, a long term low or historically low value. Such an event would offer a very low risk/high return opportunity, possibly even one which could secure Decadian’s 3-star rating for an investment! Events such as these offer an extremely high ROI, often ranging from a low of just doubling your initial margin, to over 10 times your initial margin. One exceptional investment each year is all one needs to generate very substantial returns. That is why we will harp on this point – it’s going to be our way or no way—the right investment, at the right time, for the right reason. Reality, as well as our history, tells us this methodology is the right methodology.

  • 7. I have over $270,000.00 available to invest. As a Member of Decadian, how much should I invest in commodities following your Decadian Method?

    Believe it or not, the Decadian Method is a very conservative methodology, working to remove as much risk as possible from the investment equation. Still, we will go with what is considered the standard in the industry. Place 10% in commodities. Once you have come to fully understand the Decadian Method, once you have seen results, first hand, once you have come to trust what Decadian does, then you can increase that amount. In all things we do, we preach it is always better to learn to walk first, before you run; even if you are given great advice!

  • 1. Does Decadian follow a specific trading philosophy?

    Yes, for the ease of understanding our basic philosophy for investing in commodities, we can break down in two ways. First, Decadian does not care for the word “trade” in considering a longer term position in commodities. Decadian prefers the word “investment”, strictly because we don’t profess a “trading” style where one is in and out of the market on a daily or weekly basis. Short term, or day trading, is very unique. Decadian does not and will not engage in day trading. Longer term market trends are easier to forecast. Supply and demand for a product does not change rapidly. Supply and demand for a specific product can be placed into a long term trend analysis/projection along with its somewhat normal and predictable cycle from low to high. Second, Decadian utilizes its long term mentality and methodology toward all of its price projections using time as our paramount benefactor. Sometimes termed as “The Buffett Way,” it is a methodology which has been proven to work consistently over time. For this trading methodology/philosophy to not be successful, something unknown or unpredictable would have to occur.

  • 2. What criteria does Decadian use in making a recommendation?

    Unfortunately, that is proprietary information. Decadian analyzes numerous variables to project commodity price movements. History plays a considerable role. Human nature and psychology are variables, as well as trends in our climate and weather patterns. Repeating price movements, or cycles, are another factor. Understand that everything happens for a reason. There is always cause and effect. However, for Decadian, the analysis always comes down to the right investment, at the right time, for the right reason. When it all comes together, Decadian will only recommend a trade (investment) it believes has the greatest probability of success, along with the least amount of risk possible.

  • 3. Why does Decadian believe that commodities offer the best path to financial freedom?

    Commodities have long term price cycles of highs and lows which are created by supply and demand. The nature of these cycles is well known to those who work in this arena. Knowing these cycles, as well as having the advantage of leveraged capital, offers our Members the greatest opportunities for amassing wealth, and thus, the Financial Freedom, they seek.

  • 4. Can you describe the number and types of commodities markets tracked by Decadian?

    Decadian’s investment recommendations will typically focus on food-based commodities including corn, wheat, oats, rye, soybeans, soybean oil, soybean meal, cotton, sugar, rice, canola oil, cocoa, orange juice and coffee. Decadian focuses on these commodities because price movements for these commodities tend to follow seasonal price trends. Decadian will also follow certain hard commodity markets, which would include lumber, gold, silver, copper, crude oil, gasoline, heating oil and natural gas. In the financial sector, Decadian will track the S&P Index, the Dow Jones Industrial Index, currencies, treasury notes and treasury bonds. Of all these commodities and derivatives just listed, Decadian projects it will be recommending, at a minimum, at least one 3 star trade each year, on average, if not three or four.

  • 5. Why does Decadian work with over 25 different markets?

    Decadian constantly searches for the best trades—those level 3 star trades that offer the greatest potential return with limited risk potential. Every commodity market tracked by Decadian will offer several good “trading” opportunities per year, but not a really great investment opportunity. That comes along about once every five years. Decadian Members need only to participate in the very best commodity “investments”. By tracking numerous commodity markets, Decadian will be able to source just those investments which provide the greatest potential possible so our Members can most easily achieve the Financial Freedom they seek.

  • 6. How often will I be “in” the market?

    Not very often. Decadian learned long ago that the safest way to double your money is fold it in half and put it back in your pocket. That is what you need to do when there is not a good investment available in the market. You do not need to be “in” the market every day. Decadian has learned that it has to be the right way, or no way. That means the right investment, at the right time, for the right reason. Also, we work to keep everything simple for our Members. Making things “complicated”, does not work well for anyone.

  • 7. I understand that Decadian has a 10 year goal for its clients. What is that goal?

    Decadian’s goal for each Member is to provide them the information necessary, which they can then utilize, to generate a minimum return of 100% on their initial investment in Decadian.

  • 8. Are stops appropriate for each trade?

    In most cases, stops are appropriate. In some cases, stops should not be placed until the commodity establishes its trend. Once price has established such a trend, Decadian can then calculate a specific point at which a protective stop can be placed. Decadian will have a rating system for each trade; the lower the risk, the higher the rating on the trade. Any trade which is rated a 3 star (lowest risk,), will seldom have a protective stop in place until such time as that commodities trend is established. If we have done our job well on timing our entry recommendation, a protective stop can usually be put into place within the first 30 days.

  • 9. No firm which provides investment advice offers any guarantee of any nature. First, why would you? And second, how can you afford to do so?

    Wow! A two part question! The answers are quite simple. We believe in what we do. We have proven results through our sister company Ag Masters. We are not doing anything different. Decadian is just refining, adapting, and providing a very simple investment formula, and a simplistic delivery system for that information, which will work for everyone; not just those who produce commodities.