Commodities: Facts You Don’t Know

No matter what you think you know about commodities, good or bad, here are the facts.

Commodities offer a leverage factor on your investments, as great as 20:1. To the investor, if the price of the commodity moves 20% in value, the gain on his investment would have increased up to 20 times that amount. This fact alone can be used to explode ones profits exponentially. On this fact alone, everyone needs commodities to be part of a diversified and managed investment package.

Commodity prices are directly influenced by supply and demand. Knowing this simple fact, while applying it to your investments in commodities, allows you to determine when a commodity becomes over or undervalued.

Top 5 Difference Between Stock and Commodities

Stocks do not offer any leverage factor.

Stocks have nothing equivalent to a supply and demand ledger.

Stocks do not have a seasonality factor where availability of supply determines value and price.

The supply or availability of a stock is not affected by the weather.

Unlike stocks, the value of a commodity can never and will never fall to zero.

Managing Risk with Commodities

Research and data collection produces knowledge. Analyzing that knowledge and converting the combined data into the right investment decisions is the key to success when investing while lowering your risk in that investment. Decadian has the analysts with a proven track record who do all the research for you.

Investing becomes simple when you make sure all the eggs rest in your basket. What are the eggs?

  • seasonal price trends
  • yearly price moves
  • historical price ranges
  • historical lows
  • historical highs
  • timing lows
  • timing highs
  • the true market value of the asset/commodity
  • real supply of the product, real demand for the product
  • trend analysis
  • momentum indicators
  • moving averages
  • world price
  • valuations
  • price volatility
  • world weather trends that might or are affecting supplies competing products that affect demand

Decadian researches and analyzes the data in all these areas for you! When these factors are understood and utilized within the Decadian Methodology, great investment opportunities will be uncovered. Even more important to your investment equation is the fact that for every egg we move into your basket, your exposure to risk is decreased.

Managing risk should be a component of any investment equation. What few understand is that investing in commodities is no less risky than investing in any financial arena. The truth is simple; the more you know and understand about the asset you purchase, the more you reduce the risk component. Risk is reduced with every fact you place on your side of your investment equation.

If you have a leveraged investment that moves an average of 30% every year, low to high, risk is reduced for every percent of that move you leave on the table. There is absolutely no reason to even consider attempting to take all 30% of this move off the table when you could reduce your risk to near zero by being willing to take just half that seasonal range and put it in your pocket.

In every investment, there’s a give and take; risk vs. reward. Using this risk management mentality, your goal should be to participate in at least 3 or 4 leveraged investments per year. There are investment firms around the country that look at multiple investment opportunities every week of every year. They know they only need just one - really good investment - to have an exceptionally good year. Of all those they review, they’ll pass on over 90%, seeking just the best of the best and those that hold the least risk. This represents part of the Decadian Methodology that we use to bring you best investment recommendations along with the least risk.

When Decadian gives any investment recommendation, it has to be our way or no way. It has to be by our rules; when we want it, how we want it and at the price we want it. Any investment recommendation has to meet all our restrictions before it will be offered to our Members. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t deserve to be in your investment portfolio. You will know that Decadian will pass on over 90% of the opportunities that roll across our desk because they failed the title of being one of the “best of the best”.

Decadian's purpose is to provide you the best asset investment recommendations with the end goal producing double digit returns.

Research and data collection produces knowledge. Analyzing that knowledge and converting the combined data into the right investment decisions is the key to success when investing. Decadian’s analysts have a proven track record that will get this done for you.


This is what Decadian offers to you.

Build wealth through investments in commodities.