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Decadian Offers Everything Needed to Build Wealth through

Investments in Commodities.


Your Future

The choices you have made in the past have brought you to where you are today. It will be tomorrow's choices which will decide your future. Are you ready, willing and able to step up and make the difference in your own life that you have always wanted? If so, then the time is now to begin charting your future.

Your Lifestyle

Decadian's wealth building methodology puts your lifestyle first. Those who understand that life is truly about putting faith and family first. When putting first things first, there really is not enough time in the day to achieve all we would like to achieve; all the things we need to achieve to secure the Financial Freedom we seek to secure ourselves and our family.

Your Commodities

Decadian knows commodities. Decadian understands the risk, as well as the potential. Decadian understands how to manage the risk and how to achieve the desired results. Our Members receive the benefits produced by our knowledge, our work, and our ability.

Why choose Decadian?

Decadian saves you time and offers you the opportunity to achieve financial freedom. Let our members explain how they succeeded with Decadian’s time proven approach.

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  • Locked in basis yesterday per your advice. All I can say is a big thanks it widened out another 20 cents today. Just made us 20000.
  • Since I began my subscription to Decadian’s informational service in November of 2011, my hedge account had grown from “$9,000.00 to over $30,000.00” in just 6 months.
    Bryon from Nebraska
  • I had generated nearly $400,000.00 in profits.
    B.F. from Iowa
  • I generated $35,000.00 in profits this year just from listening to your radio spots.
    C.S from Iowa
  • It has been good to follow your information…
    R.S. from Iowa
  • Yesterday, when I heard my 1st ag masters ad on the radio, … on the am dial. It was excellent, presentation and all, Straight forward, factual, …., Explanatory, Good really well done.
    J.W. from Nebraska
  • Thanks for the newsletter and reminder of renewal of membership to your services. I am sending out payment of $*,***.00 today, so hope that you receive by July 12th. Thank you, as you have made us better marketers this past year……….always challenging!
    M.M. from Iowa
  • Terry–EXCELLENT news letter!!! Thanks much!!!
    J.H. from Iowa
  • Wants to upgrade to $**** after” (just) “two weeks.” (as a Subscriber) “Said he thought we really missed it in June based on our advertising. Then everything turned and we were right and everyone else was wrong. He said we really nailed it.
    B.O. from Nebraska
  • Great webinar-especially the first part. I had a general understanding of the QE program from reading financial publications but this really explained the details in such a way that I really understood it. Great Info!!!
    Thanks, Dave
  • The webinar was very informative from a global perspective, which is of course, what drives the markets. I enjoyed the breakdown of the individual 3 grain markets you discussed.
    Matt S

our working processes in 3 steps

Investing made simple is what so many of us need and is what Decadian brings to you. Why complicate something when you can bring a team of experts to work for you while you focus more on what matters most to you in your life?


Research & Analysis

All the market research, as well as fundamental and technical analysis is being done for you on a daily basis, finding only the best opportunities.


Delivery of Data

After the best opportunity is found, it is delivered right to your fingertips in the form of a text; what to buy or sell, entry point, stop point and exit point.


Applying the Data

Lastly, the easy part. Making the investment. Just call your broker and direct him according to your texted data. If you have questions, you can find the answers in our Q & A section or in our educational tutorials.

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